Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Andrea Wilkinson is Racine Lutheran HS student of the month

Racine Lutheran High named Andrea Wilkinson April Student of the Month, in light of this year’s theme, “Learn from Me” from Matthew 11:28-29.

Teachers wrote, “Andrea demonstrates the characteristics we at Lutheran High School strive to achieve. Her faith is evident in the way she leads her life.

She works diligently to achieve superior grades while balancing a number of other commitments. She contributes to our music program, which requires discipline and commitment. Andrea's work ethic also shows in the commitment she gives to sports; she plays with a level-headed, consistent approach. 

She is also very helpful to her friends and classmates; sometimes her help comes in the form of honesty when someone needs to hear the truth.  The level of respect Andrea demonstrates to teachers and students is a standard we can all adopt.”