Friday, May 21, 2010

Junior League gives Prairie senior its volunteerism scholarship

A high school senior who performed 3,000 hours of community service and still had the highest GPA in her class has won a $2,000 scholarship from the Junior League of Racine.

 Yijing “Jean” Xin who is graduating from The Prairie School was awarded the Junior League's 2010 “Volunteerism in the Racine Community” scholarship.

The Junior League cited two excerpts from Jean’s essay that "reveal the depth of her compassion for others."

First, “Volunteerism is both a cause and effect of a flourishing community.  A community is more than just a group of people living in the same geographical location – it is a group of people who care about each other.” 

Second, “Volunteerism, overall, is humanity.  It means that we have the capacity to care and to give back.  It means we are not content to rest on the laurels of our blessings, but would rather see others offered the same opportunities we were.  Volunteerism means that we want life, not just a living.”

Jean will study biological engineering at MIT in Cambridge, MA.